24V 100AH Lithium LiFeP04 Battery



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Tess Electric Lithium LiFeP04 Battery 24 Volt 100AH

Nominal Voltage: 24V Nominal Capacity: 100AH 
Maximum Continuous Discharge Current: 100A Maximum Charging Current: 50A
Charging Voltage: 29.2v Recommended Operating Temperature Range:23°C±5°C
Cycle Life: 2200 cycles  80% DOD, 0.2C, 20±5°C Container Material: ABS+PC
Discharge Temperature: -20~60°C Charge Temperature Range: 0~45°C

Tess Electric batteries are designed to replace lead-acid batteries and should be used as drop-in replacement for lead-acid applications.

Tess Electric Lithium Batteries have a built-in battery protection system designed to prevent damage to the cells from an external occurrence. The battery protection will internally disconnect to prevent damage to the cells if it senses any of the following conditions: short circuit, reverse polarity, overcharge, and discharge voltage protection. If your battery has disconnected it will be necessary to charge the battery before using it again. In some cases your charger may not turn the battery on. Please contact us through the contact form and we will guide you through the steps necessary to wake it up.

Maximum charging current and maximum continuous discharge current doubles for every battery put in parallel.

Batteries must NOT be installed in series.

Tess Electric Batteries feature:

  • ABS Waterproof Case
  • LCD Display
  • Bolt Style Terminal Connections
  • Easy to Carry Handle
  • Built in BMS protection board
  • Easy Drop in Cell Replacement Parts





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